What do Klaus Nomi, Bootsy Collins, Electronic from Vienna and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart have in common?

If you listen to e-magic flute for the first time, you will experience all these ingredients interlocked into a single compact redefinition. And this is not far away from the facts.

e-magic flute is the electronic version of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's blockbuster opera "The Magic Flute". A symphonic orchestra meets sequencer and rhythm section. Vocal parts are filled in by a counter tenor, girl's voices and some rare instruments like the balearic bagpipes from Mallorca or the Bohemian glass harp.

This epic album is produced by Pogo Kreiner, Vienna based composer, musician and co-bandleader of Madrid de Los Austrias who has worked with such great artists like Richard Dorfmeister, Nigel Hayes, Frankie Valentine, Celia Mara or Yello besides being a marvellous musician, both live on stage and in the studio. Pogo's special skills are in crossing musical sound barriers and fusing distant soundscapes to a new homogenous experience. Check what he has done with traditional music from Andalusia and contemporary club music for the Madrid de los Austrias project and you know the score.

Listening to the "vorspiel" (overture) we still find Mozart's original partiture very present. But if you listen on through the album, electronic elements are taking over more and more until the "finale" where full electronic soundscapes dominate with only sparse distorted quotations of the aria's woven in. This is a journey through the times where elements of Austria's musical heritage and contemporary sound trickery are stripped down to their essence in order to meet again for a new sound interpretation of Mozart's masterpiece.

„vorspiel“, „tamino“ and „koenigin der nacht“ are commissioned by WIENER MOZARTJAHR 2006.